Why Wake Forest Montessori

“It is the child who makes the man and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.” — Maria Montessori

When families choose Wake Forest Montessori, they’re enrolling their children in one of Wake County’s very best preschools. Families that choose Wake Forest Montessori have decided on an educational path that’s fundamentally different from the ones offered by other preschools. The Montessori method and its core principles are unique. Their results are being validated daily by research as well as the extraordinary lives of Montessori graduates.

  1. We believe that the Montessori method defines the child’s inner potential, and helps many talents and strengths to surface.
  2. Because it helps the children construct their personalities, and develop learning mechanisms, which will enable them to lead a life of confidence and forever learning.
  3. Scientific studies have confirmed that both the older and the younger student in a multi-age classroom learn more than in the traditional same-age group.
  4. Because it allows children to develop a significant degree of independence and self-discipline, thus setting a pattern for a lifetime of good work habits and a sense of responsibility. Children begin to take pride in accomplishing things by themselves with care and diligence.
  5. Because Montessori teaches children how to think, observe and reflect: opposing memorizing and swiftly forgetting.
  6. Because Montessori helps develop the ‘complete’ child.