The question of what parents want from a preschool varies greatly.  Below are some comments from various parents from all over America.

My child should be excited to go, it should be clean, I should be notified of their progress, and behavior. The teacher should not only greet me with a smile and hello but my child as well. My child be made to feel comfortable, while learning and socializing.

~Evelyn King~

I expect them to make the children feel at home. I’d double ensure on the safety and hygiene factors. I wish to see visible signs of my child’s progress. Regular interactions with the teacher and more than anything, my child should be happy to go there each day.

~Mercy Queen~

It seems like a common theme is that the child love to go to school.  In a Montessori environment this is paramount! The Montessori philosophy believes that that a child will continue to do what he or she loves until mastery is attained and then the child will move on to a different area of interest. If a child learns in preschool the love of learning then they will desire to continue it forever.  The concept of learning is infinite and can never be mastered. This idea is one of the backbones of the Montessori Method and helps to explain why children show an unparalleled love for going to school everyday when the attend a quality Montessori program.