wake forest  kindergarten kids

Parents are often extremely concerned with the success of their child’s academic endeavors, with the majority placing a genuine value at the start of Kindergarten.  However, with so many options for Wake Forest Kindergartens, how can a family know the best choice to make for their child?   Should a parent choose secular or religious?  A private Kindergarten or a public option?  After school care or the “2:30” pick up?  Here are some tips to help make the decision a little easier:

  • Balanced emphasis on non-academic skills: Students should be encouraged to develop social skills like group cooperation, leadership, compromise, negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Each child’s learning style should be determined and honored so that he or she can be taught to that style.
  • Teachers should also guide children to learn at their own pace rather than cram information and new skills down their throats and expect them to learn all things at the same rate.
  • The curriculum should be flexible enough to adapt to the burgeoning and unpredictable interests of the student.
  • The curriculum should be geared to the development of the whole child rather than focusing only on the three Rs. Children should learn things like character development, personal health and fitness, nutrition, etc.
  • Regardless of the subject matter, critical thinking skills should be emphasized over rote learning.
  • Schools should encourage parent participation and volunteerism.
  • Playground equipment should be safe and inspire imagination, social development and creative play.

Source: Parenting.com