Vollmer Farm

One of our families favorite outings is to visit Vollmer Farm to pick strawberries!  In case you enjoy this same task with your friend and family check out the update on when you will be able to come by for a visit:

Inquiring minds want to know…WHEN will Vollmer Farm will be open for You Pick organic strawberries!?!?  This picture to the left shows you a good idea of what a lot of our fields look like, so we are ALMOST there!  We are slowly opening a few farmers markets locations and when the volume of ripe berries is just right, we will be spreading the news that you can come to the farm to pick!  You can always find out the latest information via this newsletter, our website and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you aren’t already following us please, LIKE our page on Facebook! We love all the feedback we get from the pictures and quick news we share (almost daily).  We want you to feel connected to YOUR farm!  Just click on the links in the text above to get started.  You can also check out our YouTube Channel where we have been adding lots of great educational videos for all ages!