The Three Year Cycle


Dr. Montessori developed her philosophy of education based on a three year cycle. She believed that this was the optimum opportunity for the child to reach their full potential.

The Montessori classroom is a multi-age environment. The Montessori teacher is trained to meet each child’s cognitive, social and emotional needs throughout the cycle.

The Montessori philosophy is a developmentally based program. It is based on developmental planes, which speak to how each child interacts with their environment and moves through a sequential series of lessons that are presented when the child shows readiness.

The three year expansive curriculum which includes, practical life,sensorial, math, language,geography,science and art is rich. It allows children to move at their own developmental pace and work towards mastery.

The child in the first year explores the environment through their senses. They learn to do for themselves and develop a sense of order while internalizing the richness of language, grace and courtesy and independence.

The second year child begins to experiment more deeply the materials, while observing the social world of the older children. They are developmentally driven to practice their independent work habits. They are ready for more in depth lessons and they allow for more teacher directed activities. They are also very keen on working in groups.

The third year child typically the Kindergarten child has, through the previous years experiences, developed a strong background in all areas of the classroom. They continue to refine their work habits and accept responsibility. They are the experts of their environment.

In order to gain the most benefit of the Montessori environment, the child will explore, experiment and become an expert with in their social setting.

As a Montessori teacher, I look forward to my students returning each year. I can start the year where we left off. There is no need to get to know the student over a period of time. The parents and I have an established relationships. Our goal is to help each child develop to their full potential and prepare for their new journey.

Give your child the gift of the three year cycle. They will look forward to coming back each year with the same teachers, familiar faces and excitement about what lessons they learn. During the three years they will:

  • develop life long skills
  • a strong foundation for learning
  • become an independent thinker
  • demonstrate self confidence

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