The role of concentration, when preparing for academics

PL concentration

Children in the Montessori environment are no doubt curious, independent learners. They  gain independence by interacting with their environment. One area of the classroom that prepares the child for more focused works is Practical  Life.
The practical life area helps the child not only develop fine motor skills, but indirectly prepares the child to develop stronger concentration ,coordination, independence and order. Each material allows the child to to work from simple activities to more complex activities. Each activity allows the child to fully absorb and build concentration.
Concentration is the stepping stone to preparing for more academic challenges throughout the course of the year. A child will often return to the practical life area when they are working towards mastery on any given activity. Therefore it is equally important to allow the child the ability to fully concentrate without interruption. How often are you caught by surprise when your child is completely quiet and completely engaged in a puzzle or playing with their toys or looking at their favorite book? Let them absorb, let them concentrate, and you will be giving them the keys to success.