color mixing

The role of a Montessori teacher is to be a guide or a facilitator. Montessori teachers are to create a well-prepared Montessori environment and an atmosphere of learning and inquisitiveness designed to move students from one activity and level to the next. A Montessori teacher often steps back while the children are working, allowing them to learn from their own discoveries and draw their own conclusions. Rather than supplying children with answers, the Montessori teacher asks them how they would solve the problem, actively engaging children in the learning process and enhancing critical thinking skills. In most cases, children learn directly from the environment and other children, rather than the teacher. During an observations in a Montessori classroom I noticed one student doing a color mixing work.  The child had three containers each containing red, blue, or yellow colored water. In each container was an eyedropper to suction out the water and drop it onto a white ice cube tray.  The children were encouraged to mix the colors in the ice cube tray to discover what new colors they could create. One child asked the lead teacher how to make orange and the teacher replied, “What do you think?” the child answered, “I don’t know, let me try.” Then began mixing colors until he figured it out.  Then the child went to the teacher and excitedly said “Yellow and red makes orange!” The teacher responded, “Very good, yes yellow and red makes orange.” This is the Montessori method at work, and these roles never change.