Thank You for your interest in Wake Forest Montessori Preschool.

What to Expect Next:

You will receive a phone call or an email from the WFM Admissions office to confirm/schedule your tour.  If you have an immediate question please email or call 919-827-1148.


1.  Should I bring my child during the tour?

  • You know your child best and know whether he or she would do well during a tour.  As a staff we enjoy meeting your precious children so if you are so inclined please bring them!

2.  Where are you located?

  • 231 Capcom Ave, Wake Forest NC 27587.  (It’s the street right next to the factory) Google Maps Link

3.  What happens during the tour?

  • We believe in touring one family at a time so that you have our undivided attention.  We take our time to explain the Montessori Method and demonstrate “works” that are on the shelves so that you can see what enriching materials your child will be exposed to. You will be able to observe the children during their “work cycle.”

4. Will there be an admissions exam prior to enrolling into your school?

  • No

5.  What type of parents enroll at Wake Forest Montessori?

  • All types! The Montessori Method is over 100 years old and has effectively educated children in every continent and every socioeconomic level.