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Preschool tours for enrollment are now available.  All tours are individual family tours so that we are able to guarantee that any question that you may have will be addressed.  All tours are scheduled Monday-Thursday between 9:30 am and 11:00 am. and are by appointment only.   Please fill out the form below and you will receive an email or a phone call to confirm your tour date.

4 Reasons To Tour Wake Forest Montessori

1.  A Preschool offers education while a day care center offers care. 

Our school not only offers a loving and safe environment, which is our chief concern, but we offer a real learning environment.  Our Montessori teachers design an effective, individual learning experience for each child 18 months to 6 years of age. Our programs focus on the children, not the teacher. Our multi-aged classrooms are specially prepared to encourage each child to actively participate in his or her learning.

2. High-Quality, Experienced Staff

All lead teachers have university degrees as well as Montessori teacher certification which includes a full year of Montessori classes and an internship, equivalent to a master’s degree.  Our highly-experienced teachers have been teaching Montessori for many years. Our Toddler House Montessori teacher is certified in Toddler Montessori curriculum.  Staff turnover is very low.

3.  Program Options 

Wake Forest Montessori operates on a 10.5-hour a day schedule from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.  Five year old children can complete Montessori “kindergarten” which assists in transitions to conventional school. Children can attend extra curricular opportunities in addition to their Montessori experience.

4.  Parent Satisfaction

Parents are highly satisfied with their children’s experience, and credit the strong foundation received at the Wake Forest Montessori with their child’s later success.

C. Morgan, MSA, recently said “The Montessori experience was a vital part of my children’s early development. The warm, enriching environment enabled them to explore and grow in all areas. Both continue to see the benefits of Montessori, especially in the area of math, because they had a great conceptual foundation.”

T. Husted, Outdoor Images owner, “The Wake Forest Montessori was a wonderful place for my sons to grow and learn. They blossomed there and regularly referred to Montessori as their “perfect school.” He learned about what it meant to do hard “work,” but also about how to relate to her peers in a caring and respectful manner.”

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