Keeping the playroom organized

Children have a need for order in their lives. Having order in the home continues to help them be independent and successful. Children do not need everything. However, they need to feel empowered in their own space.

  • Get rid of the toy box.
  • Incorporate low shelves or a small bookcase
  • Place the Legos and toys/manipulatives in a container with a cover or a basket
  • Limit the books, I like to stick to 20-25, replace and update as they get older
  • Simplify writing utensils, a simple pencil bag with pencils, another with crayons and one with markers. If the pencil bag has a zipper you are indirectly helping them develop care of self.
  • Stuffed animals, how many does one child need? A basket or place on the bed for a few is all that are needed.
  • A small child size desk and chair
  • A basket for trash and recycling
  • Low hooks for jackets and backpack
  • Order in their closet, low hanging clothes and clothing so that they may dress themselves.

Help them to be independent. When everything has a special place children develop a sense of order and indirectly become disciplined. By observing their parents and by role modeling over and over we can teach children that putting things away can be joyful and cheerful. By continuos reminding we are helping them tune out. Work together. This is special because they are saying “Help me do it myself.”


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