Styles of kindergarten teaching

There are various styles of kindergarten teaching. People think every teacher has his or her own style of teaching the kindergarteners. This is very true but people do not know that the learning style of the students directly influences the teaching style of a teacher. This is specifically applicable in case of kindergarten teachers. The level of learning and the rate at which a kid grasps things happening around him impacts the style of the teachers.

This is known as multiple intelligence theory. According to this theory the learning style and capability varies from one kid to another. Therefore it is not necessary that what works with one kid may work with another also. There are times when teachers need to develop or acquire different styles of kindergarten teaching to teach the kids. A lot of teachers with considerable experience in the field of teaching small kids at kindergarten have developed their own style of teaching. Years of teaching have given them lots of helpful insights into the functioning of a kindergartner’s mind and attitude.

Let us discuss three major styles of kindergarten teaching. The first to be developed was auditory teaching. It was principally designed for students who are auditory learners. They understand things in a better way when they listen to them and not by merely reading the chapters. Teachers try to incorporate auditory lessons and even music sessions in their lessons so as to teach the kids in a better way.

Visual teaching is one of the major styles of kindergarten teaching. Some students learn the best when the things are taught on projectors and screens. If they do not get to see the things that referred in the text, they will only be left to imagine them. This creates problems for some children. For example they will not understand what is a prism or a pyramid unless you show the pictures to them. Teachers make use of videos, presentations and even one act plays to make the kids understand things in a better way.

Last but by the best style of teaching kindergartners is kinesthetic way of teaching. In this technique, kids are encouraged to participate in activities and gain firsthand experience, knowledge and understanding. Almost all the kindergarten teachers are now adopting this approach towards teaching the kids in their class as it is the most active and interactive way to learn.