Children’s House April 2015


Spring is finally here and with it comes the opportunity for some wonderful learning about the world around us. This month we will learn about life cycles of frogs, butterflies and plants. As we learn about the world around us we will also get ready to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Our celebration will start on Monday of that week and will focus on learning about the many ways we can help the planet and the new life that begins to grow again in the spring.

This month we will also study weights and measurements. We will learn how to use a balance bucket scale, non-standard and standard ways to measure, plus we will see how much each child has grown since we measured them in the fall. The children love to see how much taller they have gotten.

Lastly, will be to explore the continent of Asia. This huge continent is very diverse culturally and will provide lots of new learning opportunities for the children. It looks like another fun month!