Welcome back to school at Wake Forest Montessori.

We are looking forward to having a wonderful school year for our preschool and kindergarten classrooms.   With only 2 spots open, we will likely begin adding names to our wait list in September.  Here are some tips for making the 1st day a successful one.

There are some definite no-no’s when it comes to saying goodbye that could actually make separating more difficult. Rule number one? Do not remove your child from the classroom. It makes it that much harder to bring him back in. Your child’s teacher will likely be right by your side offering help and assistance.

It might be tempting, but don’t sneak away if your child becomes distracted by another activity. Your child needs to learn that school is a place she goes to without mom or dad and saying goodbye is part of the process.

Don’t ask if it’s OK for you to leave and don’t make promises like, “If you stay here at preschool, I’ll buy you some ice cream when I pick you up.” This can reinforce the behavior if she keeps getting what she wants.

If your child does well on the first day, be prepared, you aren’t out of the woods just yet. Some children waltz right into preschool as happy as can be and everyone is content. But then, out of nowhere, a few weeks into the school year, your child may start to cry when you leave. This too is very common. Basically the novelty of school has worn off and your child realizes that she isn’t with you. Keep bringing her to school and dropping her off as per the teacher’s instructions, this too shall pass.