Advantages of the Montessori Approach

  • There is a wholeness and balance to Montessori.  The method aids the physical, emotional, intellectual, and moraldevelopment of the individual.
  • Montessori is a unifying approach. It is “ecological” in that it integrates the child’s entire knowledge base, rather than merely presenting isolated bits of information.  In the Montessori classroom subjects are not taught separately; rather, they are integrated and taught holistically reflecting how they occur in life.
  • Research continues to validate the effectiveness of strong Montessori educational programs, both nationally and internationally.
  • Multi-age groupings create supportive social environments.
  • For consistency, children remain with the same teacher for each three-year cycle of the program. This also allows the collaborative approach to learning to take root.
  • Students who learn and work for understanding rather than grades develop a lifelong love of learning.