Wake Forest Montessori SUMMER CAMP 2013

June 3 – August 28

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This is a great opportunity for your child to experience a Montessori classroom environment that he or she will never forget!

Summer Camp Details

Sea Camp (June 3-14)

What happens under the ocean?  Who lives below the waves?  In this session, children will explore the world under the sea through marine biology, coral reefs, and how we all can take care of the environment to make sure our underwater friends flourish.  Ocean-themed crafts and songs will make learning fun for everyone!

Safari (June 17-28)

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!  If your children love learning about animals, send them on safari right here in North Carolina!  In this session, we’ll learn more about favorite safari animals through stories and songs – and then let learning inspire us to make crafts like bottle cap animal magnets, panda milk jugs, and animal masks.  It’s an adventure not to be missed! Wild

North Carolina (July 1-12)

What are North Carolina’s state flower and animal?  What crops grow here?  What are our climate and land like, compared to other parts of the world?  When was this state founded, and what history has it seen between then and now? Children connect best with the world they can see when they’re young – so give them a great start in learning about local nature and history all around them in this session.

Music & Art (July 15-12)

This program is designed for any child who wants to embark on a journey to their creative side! Instead of using a brush, the children will use items such as paint popsicles, foam paint, splatter paints, and their very own feet and fingers to create works of art.  Our music program will include singing classic children’s songs, finger plays, dance & movement, as well as a rhythm band.  Children will also make their own drums, tambourines, wooden slide whistles, or maracas.

Space (July 15-26)

Send your child on an out-of-this-world adventure!  Through lessons, crafts, and more, children will learn about the things they can see in the sky – the sun, the moon, stars, planets, eclipses, and comets.  We’ll also learn about the Milky Way, the galaxy, and even some fundamental lessons in astrophysics! Aspiring astronomers need look no further.

Dinosaurs (August 29-9)

What is a dinosaur?  Where did dinosaurs live?  How long ago did they live?  Find out these answers and more by joining us on our Prehistoric Journey!  The children will explore the mysterious world of dinosaurs through fact-filled songs and stories, and create crafts like the world’s largest cardboard dinosaur, dino skeletons, and paintings of dinosaur footprints.  A must for your aspiring paleontologist!

Native American Journey (August 12-August 23)

Who lived here before Europe discovered the Americas?  Your child will learn more about the history and culture of first nations of North America in this enriching session.  We’ll explore specific tribes, religions, stories, and symbols – as well as discovering more about Native American lifestyles by looking at everything from traditional food and dress to inventions like the canoe.

Cooking & Crafts (August 26-28)

Yum!  In this program, children will learn how to make delicious and nutritious snacks – including smoothies, salsa, applesauce, trail mix, and more!  The creativity won’t stop in the kitchen – students will also make puppets, pin wheels, and windsocks, and create beautiful pictures with spin art, sand art, and watercolors.  This is a great session for creative kids!