Wake Forest Montessori is an academically focused preschool.

Teaching Innovation

The Five I’s: Imagination, Inquiry, Invention, Implementation, and Initiative (the latter being a foundational trait that enables the other four).Learn More

Student-Directed Education

Our School respects children as self-directed individuals and fosters their growth toward independence and social responsibility,Learn More

Amazing Transitions

WFM graduates transition extremely well into traditional school settings often entering at a full grade level ahead in math, sciences and reading.Learn More

Parent Involvement

We seek to create a home/school relationship in which learning continues each day seamlessly in either location.Learn More

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What Parents Say

This school is like a big family. Everyone knows everyone. I feel blessed to be a Montessori mom. It fills my heart with joy each day, seeing my children actually excited about going there, looking forward to learning something new, and seeing their peers and teachers.
Name, Rebecca L.